Drone inspection / Survey of any Roof in Newcastle upon tyne.

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Drone inspection / Survey of any Roof in Newcastle upon tyne.

Here at Roofing Repairs Newcastle we are faced with Roofs that are leaking, but to what extent and where from ? so Traditionally that meant, loading one of our Vans, putting on the Ladders and so on, then climbing onto a Roof to see close up, exactly what is causing problems, however there are more than one sides to any Roof, so take the ladders down one side, put them up the other side and so on. 

Then theres the Fascias and Soffits , and Flat Roofs, Ridges and Chimneys that can obviously difficult to get to,  plus so many more things we need to look at in order to offer a thorough inspection.

This can be a very time consuming service as there are often cases where we need to set up Scaffolding to keep our staff safe whilst inspecting various areas of any Roof up close, and can turn out to be quite expensive.

This is why here at Roofing Repairs Newcastle, we have introduced the Drone Inspection or Drone survey on any Roof in Newcastle upon Tyne, which allows us to perform a detailed, close up inspection that is recorded as we do it, saving so much time and effort as to the alternative, older method.


Once we have  the Drone Video of the Roof Survey, we can share that with you the customer, then together we can decide an approach to resolving any issues with that Roof.

We find this works very well and the Customer can be happy in the knowledge that the only charges that they may be paying are on the video or images for all to see.

To see if we cover your area check our "Areas we cover" page but if you live in Newcastle upon Tyne then rest assured we cover your area.

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To book a Drone inspection or Drone survey of your Roof is easy, simply use the Form on the contact us page, or give us a call to organise it where will be happy to book you in at a convenient time.    


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